Lesson #28: Banish Negative Forces

I think I’ve been sheltered from the health care workers who have bought into what I consider the “outdated” view of people with dementia… at least, in the past three years, I have not encountered anyone quite like the woman I met recently, sent to me via an organization which specializes in dementia services. Huh. … More Lesson #28: Banish Negative Forces

Lesson #7: Rushing is a Form of Bullying

We were standing just outside the change rooms at Walmart, where my Mom had been trying on brassieres. Nothing fit or felt right to her, and we had been at it for hours, with me running back and forth for different models and sizes. She needed me in the small stall with her, she was having trouble with the straps and boxes. We were both hot, tired and frustrated. I looked at my watch and said, “Do any of these fit? We really should leave. Dad’s been alone for a while now.” … More Lesson #7: Rushing is a Form of Bullying